The world's only stand-alone needle coke plant. Our main focus is to provide the highest valued needle coke in the world. We believe our people are the most critical part of the formula for our success.

  • Mission Statement
    • Seadrift Coke LP is committed to providing our customers with a product of high value, and to trading equitably with our suppliers. Our employees and the community can expect nothing less than adherence to the highest standards for safety, environmental impact and professional conduct.

  • Commitment to Quality & Customer Service
    • Seadrift Coke is committed to continuous improvement with a goal of meeting or exceeding our customer's expectations. The strengths that fuel the process of producing a consistently highly valued product are many, but they can be grouped into three categories:

      Seadrift, one of the newest needle coke plants in the world, enjoys a number of advantages due to its location on the mid-Texas coast. Among these are the availability of water transportation for feedstock, liquid by-products and coke; an abundant well-educated workforce; and proximity to many Gulf Coast refineries for feedstock supply. Of equal importance is the fact that Seadrift’s design was specifically geared to the production of premium needle coke. Our equipment and process technology permits adaptation to a wide variety of feedstocks and the process variables necessary to ensure consistent, high quality material.

      We believe that our strongest asset is our people. Our employees are motivated, well trained, experienced and dedicated to identifying and implementing innovative solutions to the problems that crop up during the life of any process plant. Underscoring the attitude is Seadrift’s emphasis on the importance and worth of employee involvement in all phases of the work environment. Improvements resulting from employee input are innumerable and have led to better productivity, quality and safety. Seadrift people are vitally concerned about and heavily involved in the local community. As individuals, they contribute and volunteer for many levels of community services. Seadrift Coke is a member of the Clean Texas 2000 Program, committed to the continued conserving of resources, eliminating waste and protecting the environment.

      Several factors set Seadrift Coke apart in the world among needle cokers. We see ourselves as a one-product plant: a needle coke plant. And, we are a stand-alone operation; unfettered by the demands and constraints of the typical oil refinery and minimizing all non-coke distractions. Thus the efforts of all employees can be focused on and channeled into the production of consistent quality coke suitable for high performance electrodes. As an example, this allows feedstocks and operating conditions to be selected solely for their ability to influence coke quality. Our plant laboratory evaluates and screens all potential feedstocks using sophisticated carbonization and microscopy technologies.

  • Plant History
    • 1970 through 90’s In the late 1970s, Airco Carbon, a division of the BOC Group, decided to construct a needle coke plant to support graphite electrode production. Construction began in the summer of 1982 and was completed in the fall of 1983. In 1988, Airco Carbon became part of the Carbide/Graphite Group, Inc. (C/G) in a management-led leveraged buyout. In 1994, the Seadrift plant was restructured as a limited partnership,

      2000 – 2010
      Seadrift Coke, L.P. In July, 2003, the plant was purchased by the Union Oil Company of California (Unocal) to meet increasing demand for their premium quality needle coke. Our name was changed to 76 Seadrift Coke, LLC. 2005 saw the plant purchased by a private investor and assume our current name of Seadrift Coke, L.P. Seadrift Coke is the world’s only stand-alone needle coke plant, considered “state of the art” and unique among cokers worldwide. The Seadrift plant is almost entirely self-sufficient, requiring only supplies of feedstock and fresh water to run continuously.

      2010 to present
      On November 30, 2010 Seadrift Coke L.P. was acquired by GrafTech International Holdings, Ltd. GrafTech is one of the world’s premier carbon and graphite materials manufacturer and also one of the largest producers of graphite electrodes. Needle coke is a key component required in the manufacture of graphite electrodes which in turn are used in the production of recycled steel made from scrap metal. GrafTech’s carbon and graphite material science along with its expertise in graphite electrodes has been an ideal fit with Seadrift Coke which itself has a wealth of experience and knowhow in needle coke. Seadrift Coke is the only needle coke producer owned by a graphite electrode producer which puts it in a unique position to understand and improve the coke quality tailored to make a superior performing graphite electrode. Seadrift Coke and GrafTech look forward to bringing better results and performance to graphite electrode manufacturers using Seadrift manufactured coke.

  • Our Future
    • We are confident that the worldwide demand for graphite electrodes will continue to grow as increasing numbers of electric arc furnaces are brought online around the world. We have committed a substantial amount of capital and other resources to modernize our coking process to meet that demand. As a result of this forward-looking commitment we believe our facility is well positioned for the future.

  • Health & Safety
    • Seadrift Coke is committed at the highest levels to a management philosophy of maximizing profits through controlling and minimizing losses. In this context, "losses" encompass property damage, personal injury or illness, a reduction of product quality, or a lower level of productivity. These losses can be brought about by failure to properly follow work procedures, inadequately maintained fire prevention systems, disregard for occupational health issues, noncompliance with regulatory codes, a lack of security, or through other management deficiencies.

      If we are successful in this philosophy, we will necessarily operate a safe and healthful plant with lower costs and optimum efficiency. Thus we contend that it is not enough to do a job the "safe" way, but rather that it should be done the "right" way, with risks carefully analyzed and appropriate preventive measures taken before a loss occurs.

      Every Seadrift employee is a risk manager with an opportunity to exercise a degree of control over both personal factors and job factors which, if not controlled, could result in a loss (accident or incident). If we fail to exercise this control, acts or conditions will almost certainly follow which will allow a loss to take place. These losses could have disastrous consequences in terms of the economic survival of our plant, human pain and suffering, or loss of life.

      Since every Seadrift employee has a part in this overall philosophy, opportunity is provided for every employee to give input into our practices and policies of management. This "participative management" is a very positive aspect of our overall OMS program. Each employee therefore is expected to take part in the process of formally evaluating areas of our operations, setting standards high enough to truly minimize losses, and following through to live by those standards.

      In practice the various OMS element teams are the avenue for this input. Our program has been audited by a team of plant people and, simply put, the program is working. The written standards and the audit and review processes now in place ensure that all aspects of the program will continue to function effectively. We are also continuing to improve the program in accordance with recommendations from the various elements and the steering committee.

      Thus safety is an integral part of our management philosophy, with all employees having a meaningful part in the success of our business. The formal OMS program provides a measurement of the success of this philosophy, and helps to enforce the discipline essential for this success.

  • Process Description
    • Our three-step coking process consists of coking, drying and coke removal cycles. During the coking cycle decant oil feed is preheated, separated by fractionation and reheated to temperatures hot enough to induce an endothermic reaction. The green coke created during the coking cycle is then dried by passing superheated gasses through the green coke in the drying drum. This drying step reduces volatile matter and hardens the coke. High pressure water is used to remove or “cut” the coke from the drum. The green coke then undergoes a heat treatment process called calcining: it is fed through a rotary kiln at temperatures in excess of 2000°F. This calcining process is necessary for controlling coke density and for burning off any remaining volatiles in the coke. After calcining, the needle coke is cooled and conveyed to one of six storage silos. Our on-site laboratory continuously monitors the product by sampling and testing throughout all phases of the process prior to shipment. Shipments of calcined needle coke are made by rail, barge or truck.

  • Environmental
    • The goal of the Seadrift Coke L.P. environmental program is not only to maintain 100% compliance with applicable governmental and company standards but also to constantly seek means to minimize potential exposure to our employees, our neighbors, and the environment. A successful environmental program comes from (1) diligent, trained employees who understand the importance of environmental protection, (2) 100% compliance with all applicable federal and state environmental regulations, and (3) an ongoing process to identify, design and implement pollution prevention projects.

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